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Mazinger Sound Gallery

The sound files are extremely big, so be patient. They are worth the wait.

Sorry for the inconveniences. There should be no problem with the WAVE and MIDI sound files.I verified them myself in other PC's different from mine and they worked. The RA(Real Audio) sound files need a special software to play.You can download the free version of the player here.Enjoy!


SP-Spanish sound

EP-English sound

JP-Japanese Sound

WAVE Sounds

  1. Koji yelling "Mazinger listo"(SP) 26.9 KB
  2. Bad Guys song. 933 KB
  3. Scrander(SP) 81.5 KB
  4. Tranzor Z song (EN)419 KB

MIDI Sounds

  1. MZRock 62.3 KB
  2. Nice MIDI 10.5 KB

Real Audio Sounds

  1. Koji found his grandpa(SP) 8.11 KB
  2. Mazinger original song(JP) 214 KB
  3. Mazinger original song with special effects.(JP) 120 KB
  4. Pilder sequence (JP) 63.6 KB
  5. Mazinger original song 90's remix. (JP) 212 KB