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Minerva X

Minerva moves automatically by a control system activated by Mazinger tactical computer.She has a central control system located on her belly. This circuit looks like a gemstone. It is called the PAR circuit and it is the central processor that control all the robot’s functions. Dr. Hell tried to get it out but Minerva doesn’t work without this circuit. Minerva unlike Mazinger or Aphrodite is a "hot" robot. The term "hot" means that all the secondary circuits and Minerva's neural net are connected directly to the primary(PAR). That means that in case something happens to the primary circuit the whole robot is short-circuited. That’s why they didn’t repair her, because there wasn’t much of her to repair.I always thought why they just didn’t use the shell and built another robot using Aphrodite's inner workings?.But remember that Dr. Hell used just regular materials that could not work with photo-atomic energy. It’s not the first nor the last time that a good design is ruined by poorly chosen substitute materials.

Minerva-X Tech Specs

Height 18 m
Weight 180 Ton
Chest Measurement 10 m
Walking Speed 50 km/h
Each step 6.8 m
Running Speed 360 km/h
Underwater Speed 20 Knots
Jumping Distance 20 m
Power Source Designed to work with Photo-atomic energy, but Dr.Hell used an unknown alternate power source.
Shell Material Designed to use Super Alloy Z armored plating. Then again Dr. Hell used regular materials.


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