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Series Information

Mazinger- Z was created in 1972 by the famous Japanese animation artist Go Nagai. It appeared first as a manga or Japanese comic. It was quickly made into to a TV animated series that lasted 92 episodes. Most of us first heard about Mazinger by 1978 or 1979 when it was translated to Spanish for the first time in Puerto Rico. Others may remember 80’s English translation of Tranzor-Z. Back in Puerto Rico we could enjoy Mazinger until the beginning of the 80’s, then it made a short comeback by the mid 80’s. The series was also transmitted to Spain in the 80’s. Right now it is broadcasted in various countries such as Mexico, Panama y Chile. There are even some rumors that a new Mazinger-Z series is being created in Japan.


   An Archeological/Scientific investigation committee directed by Dr. Hell explored the recently found site in the Rhodes island located in the Aegean Sea. Centuries before the island of Rhodes was under the control of the Mikenese Empire. Rhodes had many treasures that lured the invaders to constantly attack the island. Each and every time the invaders were defeated. The Mikenese were powerful enough to destroy their enemies, but not powerful enough to overcome the fury of nature. They were destroyed by the the powerful earthquake that struck the Aegean Sea. With the help of of the scientist and engineers on his team Dr.Hell managed to rebuilt some ancient Mikenese robots. The Dr. managed to install some kind of telepathic control and used the robots to destroy all the witnesses of his treason to mankind. With theMikenese robots and information about their technology, Hell builds an army of giant mechanical beasts that will help him seize control of the world. His only obstacle to world domination is the existence of Dr. Kabuto. Kabuto is a Japanese scientist the only survivor of the Rhodes island massacre.

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    Dr. Kabuto is the creator of one of the greatest inventions in modern science. He discovered a new element called Japanium. Using this element he creates the Z-Alloy and also uses the element to power a new device called the Photo-atomic energy generator. This device can harness much of the extracted energy during the fusion process of Japanium. After completing these discoveries Dr. Kabuto suddenly retires to complete a personal project that couldn't wait much more. Dr. Kabuto never mentioned anyone what happened at Rhodes, but all this time he has been secretly developing a powerful weapon capable of stopping Dr. Hell's plans.


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    Knowing that Kabuto could be a problem, Dr. Hell sends his henchman Ashler to find and kill Kabuto. Ashler destroyed  Kabuto's villa near Mt. Fuji while the Dr. was inside. Kabuto survived the explosion but he was very injured. Luckily he had called his grandson Koji just before the explosion. Koji and his brother Shiro came to help their grandfather, but he survived just long enough to show them his latest creation, Mazinger-Z. Dr. Kabuto explained briefly Koji how to control Mazinger using the Hover Pilder. After Kabuto's sudden death Koji managed to attach the Pilder to Mazinger's head, but controlling the metallic giant proves to be quite difficult. Out of the blue comes Sayaka and helps him control Mazinger. Sayaka is Dr. Yumi's daughter and she controls Aphrodite-A a robot created by Dr. Yumi, Dr. Kabuto's assistant. With Sayaka'a guidance Koji could destroy the first two mechanical beasts sent by Dr. Hell. This is where the story of Mazinger-Z takes on.


These are not the names used in the Tranzor-Z series. I used the names given in Spanish or Japanese series.

The Good Guys

Dr. Juzo Kabuto- The scientist/engineer that discovers Japanium, creates Super Alloy Z and develops a method to use the Japanium in a light energy source as he invents the Photo atomic energy. He is Koji’s and Shiro’s grandfather. He was killed by "Baron Ashler" just as he completed his secret project and masterpiece, Mazinger-Z.

Koji Kabuto- He’s the hero of our series. A brilliant, brave teenager that becomes Mazinger-Z’s pilot.

Shiro Kabuto- He is Koji’s young brother. His main function in the series is to get Koji in problems and criticize him.

Dr. Yumi- He was professor’s Kabuto assistant. He is also Sayaka’s father and the creator of Aprodite-A. He becomes the director of the Photo Atomic Energy Research Lab as Dr. Kabuto retires.

Sayaka Yumi- She is the teen that pilots Aphrodite-A. She’s Dr. Yumi’s daughter. She is extremely jealous and troublesome. She helps Koji in the battles with the enemies. Well, maybe it’s the other way. (Sayaka always need help from Koji).

Boss- Teen bicker. He’s in love with Sayaka , but she ignores him. He is Koji’s best friend and nemesis (sometimes). He is always trying to measure up to Koji. He even kidnapped the lab professors and make them build him his own giant robot called Robot Boss.

Professors Nossori, Mori Mori y Sewashi- they work in the research lab with Dr. Yumi. They maintain and modify the robots and the lab.


The Bad Guys

Dr. Hell –He’s the scientist in charge of the investigation committee to the newfound Rhodes island.e Rhodes. He stole the Mikenese robot technology and uses it to make giant mechanical beasts . His purpose to conquer Japan and the world, in that specific order.

Baron Ashler-Dr. Hell’s main assistant. .The baron is half man and half women.. He/She is in charge if directing the attacks. He transports the mechanical beasts to fight with Mazinger and then return defeated to Dr. Hell time after time. Well at least we can’t deny that Ashler is persistent.

Iron Masks- They are Ashler’s troops. They take care of various tasks including equipment and vehicle handling, maintenance and intelligence. If you have seen one you have seem them all because they are all alike.

Count Broken- another assistant of Dr. Hell.This character really lost its head. His separate head hovers at his side. Dr.Hell brought him to promote competition with Ashler. He commands the flying fortress Gool.

Duke Gorgon- He was sent by the Mikenese Underground Empire to destroy Mazinger-Z. He’s a scary being half man riding on a tiger’s body. His mechanical beasts almost destroy Mazinger in the last episode. This is when Great Mazinger shows up and saves the day.

Viscount Pigman-He’s a weird being, something like a cannibal warrior. Instead if a head he has a smaller being that controls him. He uses black magic, Voodoo and hypnotism against Mazinger.



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