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Light Energy Power Source

The concept of light energy consists on creating great amounts of energy from a relatively compact, light and portable power source. A portable power source could be installed on any movable base (robots in this case) and be able to operate autonomously for relatively large periods of time under normal use.

The newly discovered element known as Japanium emits great amounts of energy when it is irradiated. This energy is released in form of photons. This energy is recollected, transformed and distributed to all energy consuming elements on the system based on their energy demand. What makes this concept really impressive is its capacity to produce enormous amounts of usable energy at a greater efficiency rate than any other known system (including nuclear reactors). The energy required to operate the system is very small with respect to the quantity produced. This makes the Japanium Photoatomic generator the only known and available light energy power source in the world. Maybe now we could understand Dr. Hell’s obsessive interest in obtaining the secrets of the process. Let’s put it this way, many world nations would be willing to go to war for the control of some technical discovery like that.


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