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Mazinger Z- Robot created by Dr. Kabuto. Piloted by his grandson Koji. Mazinger is a humanoid robot war machine created to defend world peace. He must fight Dr. Hell’s robotic beasts .The robot is armor plated with Super Alloy Z. He also uses a Photo-atomic light power source and includes a fabulous array of highly destructive weapons.

Mazinger-Z Tech Specs

Height 18 m
Weight 20 Ton
Neck 5.6 m
Chest measurement 13.6 m
Arm surroundings 5.3 m
Walk speed 50 km/h
Each Step 6.8 m
Running speed 360 km/h
Underwater speed 20 Knots
Jump power 20 m
Flight speed Mach 3
Ceiling Height 20,000 m
Energy Powersource Photoatomic
Power 650,000 hp
Grip power 150 T
Armor plating material Super Alloy Z


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