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Rocket Punch-One of the most famous(and copied by others) weapons. Mazinger can shoot his punches up to the forearm. The rocket punches have a thruster on the back that propels them through the sky, water, or through an enemy. It also has retro-jets system on the fingers to bring the baby back. The punches can be shot individually or in pairs. They could also be controlled after they are shot for pinpoint accuracy.

Finger Missiles-This one was only used in one episode. Mazinger shot the tips of his fingers.(Auch!).

Iron Cutter- Another interesting weapon.They are a pair of retractable cutters that pop out of the sides of the rocket punches.

Drill Missiles- Light but effective weapon.They are essentially a set of spiked projectiles that are shot from machine gun style shooters near the elbow joints. They are shot at great speed, but on top of that they are rotating, so the damage inflicted is huge. They could easily pierce most armored platings.

Breast Fire- Mazinger’s most famous and powerful weapon. It concentrates and shoots the energy beam produced in Japanium's fusion process after it is irradiated. The concentrated fusion energy beam temperature is about 50,000 C. That’s enough to make Charbroiled Koji and cook Mazinger immediately. Fortunately the good old Dr. Kabuto thought about that and equipped Mazinger with two gigantic diffuser plates on his chest. These plates (made of Super Alloy Z of course) channel most of the energy and heat from the inside of the robot. Due to their material and large surface area they serve as huge heatsinks to cool of the robot once the weapon is shut down. The final result is a very powerful and efficient system that is usually used by Koji at the end of most chapters to finish up the enemies.

Central Missiles-They were shot from Mazinger’s waist. They are very powerful when compared to Aphrodite’s ones. They used an automatic charger that could hold up to 3 missiles.

Laser or Optical Beams- Mazinger’s only optical weapon.They were shot from the robots eyes and they had good range. Their destructive capacity is somehow limited but due to their low energy consumption and fast recharging rates this baby is a versatile weapon.When Mazinger is modified for underwater combat they installed a set of correcting lenses on his eyes. They should concentrate and focus the beam to compensate water’s different diffraction coefficient. The modifications must include an automatic focus system for in and out of the water scenarios.

Rust Hurricane-This is a high power weapon. It is shot from the robot’s mouth (well, that thing below his nose that looks like an air conditioner grill.) Through these slits enormous amounts of turbulent air are shot at the enemy.This wind finished with almost anything. The direct translation from Japanese is Rust Hurricane. I believe that the hurricane includes some kind of caustic substance that disintegrates other metals. Mazinger enemies seemed to be erased from the screen as he used the Hurricane.


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