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Technology continued....

Freezing Beams-This is weapon was the last one they installed on Mazinger before the ending of the series. Mazinger could shot freezing beams from that pair of yellow antennas on the sides of his head. Those antennas used to be for the sonar but the sonar equipment was relocated. The beam could freeze a pretty big area instantly.I can still remember a chat I had with a friend of mine while we were studying thermodynamics. Those freezing beams were violating some thermodynamic principles. Anyway we have to allow it for Mazinger because it looks really cool.

Hydrojets-These are the underwater thrusters they put when Mazinger was modified for underwater combat. They deploy from Mazinger’s feet. Later on Koji uses them out of the water to get some extra impulse when jumping to receive Scrander .

Reinforced Punch- This specially reinforced punch was made of a new variation of Super Alloy Z. It was only used on chapter 54 to defeat Jaiser J1. This punch was a little bit different than the original. The hand portion was white and it had a yellow reinforcing bracelet, the rest of the forearm was the same.Later on Mazinger was reinforced as a whole with this new material, but this reinforced punch was a desperate attempt to win a battle.It worked!

Scrander- Mazinger wings. It’s an autonomous flying attachment developed to eliminate Mazinger’s last disadvantage, to fight in the air. Scrander is remote controlled and attaches to Mazinger by a belt clip assembly. Later on it is partially destroyed but it is rebuilt as a new and improved second version. Here are some of Scrander tech specs:

Scrander Tech Specs

Radar System When you fly a chunk of metal this size at such speeds you better be safe than sorry.
Wingspan 18 m
Weight 10 Ton
Ceiling height 20,000 m
Armored Plating Super Alloy Z
Weapons(2do Scrander) "Shuriken" style stars shot from the leading edge of the wings.
Scrander Wing Cutters Koji usually uses Scrander wings as some big cutters. With that edge and at those speeds they sure can slice almost everything.

More Technology....