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Description- Aphrodite-A-is the female companion of Mazinger-Z created by Dr. Yumi and piloted by his daughter Sayaka. Aphrodite was designed as a domestic robot to develop the photo-atomic energy concept. For this reason she doesn’t carry any weapons at the beginning of the series. Later on they modify her and gave her a nice pair of…weapons (the famous breast missiles) Maybe the most sexy weapon ever created. Sayaka and Boss use their robots to distract the enemy until Koji arrives with Mazinger.

AFRODITAEXPLODED.jpg (21131 bytes)

Aphrodite-A Tech Specs

Height 15 m
Weight 16 Ton
Chest Measurement 9 m
Running Speed 200km/h
Jumping distance 10 m
Power Source Photo-atomic
Shell Material Super Alloy Z


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