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Photo-atomic Energy Research Lab    (Click for images)


This research center was created by Dr. Kabuto to develop the Japanium related technology such as the light energy power plant concept. The lab was built near Mt. Fuji, just over the world’s only discovered Japanium ores.dr. Kabuto found this element in. This element was discovered and believed to be exclusively available in the substrates of Fuji's volcanic zone..


Enemy Transports

Salute Submarine Fortress

It is the submersible headquarters of Baron Ashler. The upper portion of the fortress looks like an island for camouflage purposes. This portion can rotate rapidly to create a vacuum that can swallow entire ships.

Gool Flying Fortress

The flying base commanded by Count Broken.He lunches his mechanical beasts and other attacks from this platform. It has a camouflage system that makes it look like a big cloud.

Bood Submarine Fortress

It's the new submarine fortress given to the Baron Ashler after Salute was destroyed. It is simply a big submarine with a face like access hatch on its top. They use this access hatch to deploy or recover the mechanical beasts or other stuff.


History and Characters

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